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Our website is fully accessible.

This site has been intentionally designed to be compliant with many of the key accessibility requirements within the guidelines dictated by: W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The intention is to allow equal access to the key functionality of the site to people with as wide variety of computer equipment, browsers and connectivity speeds as well as users with a variety of disabilities. The accessibility features are listed for 'General' users and users with specific 'Disabilities' for ease of reference.

d i s a b i l i t i e s

Connectivty speed

Where possible the site has been optimised to increase the download speed of all pages but it has been specifically designed to provide faster page loading for users who select dial-up access and also provides content tailored for broadband access. The web site is currently optimised for broadband connectivity. Change to dial-up for faster page loading.

Printable brochure

While each page can be printed using your local browser facilities an additional downloadable brochure has been provided with summary details of our property. This facility requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your local machine.

Search facility

For users who prefer search facilities, a search box has been provided on the accessibility bar of each page. There is also and advanced search capability if required.

Screen size independence

While the site has been optimised for viewing at the internet's most popular screen size (1024x768) the site has been intentionally designed to adapt fluidly to ALL popular (screen sizes to maximise your ease of viewing with minimal scrolling.

Browser technology independence

While the site will automatically make full use of your locally enabled browser technologies (such as flash, JavaScript and cookies) it will also provide alternative functionality where these technologies are not present to allow the widest possible accessibility and functionality independent of your local environment settings.

Preferred pricing options
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You are free to select your preferred pricing options which once activated will remain active for the duration of your visit to this site. Pricing options include selecting between, daily or weekly pricing as well as viewing in your preferred payment currency. We have also provided an automatic currency conversion facility which once activated will allow you to highlight any price on any page which will be automatically converted to your selected currency as a price guide.

Printer friendly capability

Should you wish to print off some of the detail on this site's pages for offline reading .. for example, the terms and conditions or your booking confirmation page etc. This site has a 'printer friendly capability' such that when you select to print a page from your browser you will receive a version of the page optimised for printing and offline reading.

Eyesight disability

Each page of the site has a text only facility (on the accessibility bar) which provides a high contrast, large font and graphic free version of the page which is highly readable for users with poor eyesight. In addition, the site has been designed to allow users to control their own preferred text size, colour or screen resolution through their preferred browser options for optimal readability. The text only feature and other considerations have been specifically designed to aid blind users who may rely on assistive devices such as screen readers, Braille readers etc.

Motor disability

Consideration has been given to users with difficulties with mouse movement or no mouse at all whereby, for browsers with ACCESSKEY functionality you can operate the key web site functions with a few simple key strokes. The keys are usually accessed on Windows machines by holding down the 'Alt' or 'Ctrl' key ('apple' key on Macintosh) and pressing the corresponding 'Key' (see below) followed by ENTER. The ACCESSKEY functionality keys used on this site are:

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